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Scenar V's TENS treatment

SCENAR therapy is a quantum leap in technology over TENS Therapy. In conventional TENS therapy, for example, the pain subsides usually only while the TENS unit is activated.

With SCENAR therapy, pain relief extends beyond the actual treatment, often weeks beyond. That’s because with the use of TENS devices, the body adapts itself to the electrical signal and eventually just ignores it. The net result? The pain returns. This is one of the major distinguishing factors in SCENAR therapy.

Benefits of Scenar

The SCENAR device sends out a signal and then waits for it to return from the body. The device then reads the returning signal and adjusts its own subsequent signal. Because of this biofeedback mechanism, each new signal differs from the previous one, thus overcoming the adaptiveness of the body to a single, continuous electrical signal as in TENS.

SCENAR therapy also influences local blood flow, especially in regulating micro-circulation. That’s important in treatment of sports injuries, as blood brings the building blocks for repair and removes dead tissue and waste products. But one of the biggest factors in the effectiveness of SCENAR therapy is its ability to induce the release of neuropeptides. While SCENAR also induces the body to release natural opium-like painkillers called endorphins (similar to the action of TENS), it is the release of neuropeptides that enables SCENAR to quickly heal injuries of all types.

Why is that important? Neuropeptides regulate almost all life processes on the cellular level, thus linking together all body systems. They have been referred to as the body’s internal pharmacy, the key in the lock that causes the cascading, chain reaction effect, creating a holistic body response. Among other regulatory functions, neuropeptides are profoundly involved in inflammation. For athletes the best part of SCENAR therapy is that it is drug-free, non-invasive, non-addictive, and has no side effects!

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