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How safe is scenar treatment?

Very Safe!

Scenar is non-manipulative, non-invasive, non-toxic, non-addictive, and can be used with people of any age. Scenar feels tingling or prickly, but generally soothing. Scenar is very well researched and after large clinical trials and over 30 years of use in Russia, and over 10 years here in the UK, there are no reports of negative side effects. Scenar uses the most natural and gentle of healing processes; those in your own body.

scenar therapy

Instead of blocking or manipulating the body in a forceful, one-way process, Scenar's signals are being constantly modified by the body's responses. Coached to repair itself using its own resources, the body will generally choose to do so quickly and deeply.

The scenar device emits electrical impulses at the same frequency as your own body. This means that the signals are in harmony with your body and cannot cause harm, in fact it does the exact oposite in 'waking up' your own body to heal itself.

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