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History of scenar therapy

The Beginning

The Scenar device was invented by Russian scientists for use in the space programme during the 1960’s. Its development continued after the collapse of the Russian Space Programme and the fall of the Iron Curtain. Today it is used as a mainstream medical device authorised in 1986 by the Health Ministry of Russia. The inventors were awarded the prestigious Lenin Prize for their development of this device.

Since then the Scenar device has found increasing acceptance in Western Europe. Health Practitioners in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, England and Ireland are now using the device for a wide variety of health problems. In Germany alone, over a thousand GP’s have incorporated the Scenar device into their medical practice. It is also very popular in the USA and Australia.

scenar in use

As usual in the UK, we are a little behind the times. Those that have discovered scenar are benefiting tremendously from its pain relief abilities, but there are still many that have yet to realise and benefit from this amazing therapy.

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